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Don't delete the value to live for by death.

Proud Sixth Gun.

Nocturnal Bloodlust, Lycaon, Royz, 己龍, Diaura, Versailles, Mejibray. Jrock/Visual Kei fan.
Music is life ♡


(Hate red) Who is the disgraceful one? (Dip it) Killing the voice
(Hate red) A fingernail grown too long (Dip it) Chewing it off to spit it out

(Hate red) Spilled ink (Dip it) An indulgent prayer
(Hate red) An ominous moon (Dip it) The trap is bottomless

Pursuing it even more deeply, softly…


Morning Every time I wake up
I’m disappearing Again
The sunset filters through the trees On my hands
I was looking up At the sky

Rain made of light You’re here smiling
A continuous road The quiet Painful Days

Hey Do you still
Wish For today to be sad?
A shadow It’s dissolving
I can’t go back…

kiss & rebirth & death 
Koichi: {…Gonna eat ice cream. Gonna eat it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that. pic.twitter.com/a8zYY3Uf8o
Koichi: {…Soon I'll eat the freezer too.
Koichi: {…I'll eat the freezer but I'll leave the fridge part. Because it's important.
Koichi: {…Take this.
Koichi: {…Ice beam.
Koichi: {…Iceman is super cool.
Koichi: {…Both ice cream and chocolate. They're the best when they've started melting.
Koichi: {…But. There's no ice cream place that sells melting ice cream. And there's no chocolate factory that makes melting chocolate.
Koichi: {…Even if they were to sell melting ice cream. Once the customers realized that it's already melting ice cream. They'd never come buy ice cream at that store again.
Koichi: {…So basically there's this rule that both ice cream and chocolate stay in stores in a solid state. Stores that sell melting things wouldn't last very long, would they.
Koichi: {…So what I'm actually saying, is that ice cream is yummy.
Koichi: {…And of course. Factories that make melting chocolate would totally fail, right. Because you can't even put melting chocolate in your pocket. Because it doesn't last for long. And you have to take your time when eating melting things. Only then can you really experience them.
Koichi: {…And also. What is a proper melting consistency for me. Only I know that. And explaining it to people or asking them to make it is impossible.